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About Us
Deaf Missions is a Christian mission dedicated to helping deaf people SEE Jesus Christ, so they may accept Him as their Savior and grow in Him. Deaf Missions was founded in 1970. People across the United States and Canada, and in more than 100 other countries, ...
History of Deaf Missions
Two other important ministries were started soon after Deaf Missions began. We helped establish Christ's Church of the Deaf in Council Bluffs in July of 1971. This congregation still meets today. Deaf Missions Bible Camp started in August of 1971. Deaf Missions ...
Giving Options
Each and every financial gift helps us continue our ministry of communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ with deaf people! Thank you for your support!

Staff Profiles

Jo Krueger
Hi everyone! I joined the Deaf Missions staff in 1998. I was born and raised in Iowa and graduated from Nebraska Christian College in 1974 with a B.A. in music. From 1974 to 1980, I was involved in establishing a deaf ministry at the Morningside Church of Christ ...
Rachel Burkum
A little about my job: I'm the Order Manager when I process purchase orders, prepare the invoices and get things ready to ship. I'm a Website Assistant when I help maintain our website and online store. I'm a Packaging Manager when I put together, shrinkwrap ...


When I make a donation in the Deaf Missions Store, why does it require shipping information?
Providing your name, address, etc. will help us with our records, and we will be able to send you a receipt.

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Walking (9)
While Jesus was on earth, He did many miracles. These miracles proved that Jesus was truly God's Son. Sometimes Jesus healed people or raised them from the dead. Other times, He removed demons from people. In the miracle in today's Bible Reading, Jesus ...
A Quiet Place
Many times in the New Testament we read that Jesus went to a quiet place to pray and rest. Mark 6:31 says, "Jesus and his followers were in a very busy place. There were many, many people. Jesus and his followers did not even have time to eat. Jesus said ...
The sparrow is a small, noisy bird. Sparrows are also very active birds. Almost everywhere you look, you can see sparrows. The Hebrew word for sparrow seems to mean all small birds that lived in Israel. Often in the Bible the word for sparrow is translated ...

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Liberia Mission Trip 2009
The Josselyn family leads a mission trip to Liberia during summer '09.