ASL Dictionary of Religious Signs

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Arise, Raise from the dead
Hand Shape:
Dominant hand: "V"; Other hand: Open "B".
Open "B" hand remains stationary throughout sign. Hold "B" hand in front of you, palm upward and fingers pointing away. Begin with "V" hand also palm up and fingers away, slightly lower than the other hand. Raise "V" hand over "B" hand and touch index and middle fingertips to "B" palm. (Should look like two little legs standing upright.) This is the same as the sign for "get up".

variation 1
Motion is exactly the same as above, except that at the end the "V" hand is raised slightly from the palm of the "B" hand (See Variation 1). This is mostly to connote the contextual difference between resurrection from the dead and simply getting up, and is often used especially when referring to Christ?s resurrection. Note that when used in context, however, the above sign is adequate and usually understood.
"Resurrection" means "to be raised from the dead"; i.e., someone was dead but has been miraculously brought back to life. It is most often used to refer to Jesus raising from the dead on the third day, and thus conquering death.