ASL Dictionary of Religious Signs

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Celestial, Glory, Heavenly, Firmament, Paradise, New Jerusalem, Zion
Hand Shape:
Open "B" shape.
Begin with open hands raised in front of your body, palms facing each other. Move them up in an arc toward each other. At the apex of the arc, move the right hand under the left hand and bring the right fingertips to point upward, palm away from you.

variation 1
This sign is often "ornamented," especially when signing a song. The initial motion is the same, but instead of just bringing the right hand under the left and up, it is brought back and the left hand is brought under the right and up. This may be done several times, the resultant rolling motion almost giving the impression of tying a bow. Some people finish the sign after rolling the hands a few times, but others may add a final flourish to the end by bringing their hands out and away from each other in a straight path. See Variation 1 for an example that uses all of the above flourishes.